Financial Accounts

TAG, not being a registered body, does not itself receive or handle funds. It helps members to get financial support directly in order to carry out TAG related activities and travel.

During the "formative years", the group involved with the setting up of TAG met on the sidelines of other meetings, mainly supported by the World Bank. The group coalesced from among participants of the Regional Meeting on Transparent Governance in South Asia,  organised in April 2010 by the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. In March 2011 it met in Kathmandu, on the sidelines of the RTI meeting organised by the Freedom Forum, Nepal. The March 2012 meeting, when TAG took final shape,  was organised by the government of the State of Bihar, India, and the May 2012 meeting, by the government of Bhutan. 

The first exclusive meeting of TAG, at Bangkok, in January 2013, was organised by the  Delhi and Bangkok offices of the World Bank.

For its minimal administrative expenses, an anonymous donor has offered to underwrite expenditure up to INR 25, 000 (approx. USD 500). 

Current Expenditure
  1. 25th January, 2013 Purchase of Domain Name and Website Builder Software INR 4557.77 
  2. 29th January, 2013 Purchase of Survey Monkey software INR 9990.00

Total Expenditure so far (20 February 2013)      INR 14,547.77

The actual construction and 


of the website is currently being done gratis.
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