Structure and Rules

1. TAG is a collection of persons with an interest in, and commitment to, the cause of transparent governance. The profile of membership is described below.

2. Whereas TAG does not endeavour to set itself up as a formal, registered, entity, it will seek support for its programmes and activities both directly and through an  especially set up registered body that could solicit support for transparency and governance related activities. This body would be registered in a manner and location such that it could easily provide support for activities in different parts the world. 


3. There will be two Co-chairpersons, with minimal support staff,and with primarily an electronic/virtual office process, linked to the chairpersons. TAG will function in a frugal manner.

4. The chairpersons would be elected from among the members for a term not exceeding two years.

5. It would be the responsibility of the chairpersons to ensure that TAG functions in fulfilment of its objectives and work plans and in accordance with its rules.

6. Whereas all policy issues and work plans would be decided upon in consultation with all members of TAG, through the process of circulation, the chairpersons would have the executive authority to implement these policies and work plans, and to take routine administrative and financial decisions.


7. Members (from within the region or internationally)must be:
a. RTI professionals (like serving or former information commissioners),or
b. Other related professionals (like lawyers, journalists, national and international civil servants, with extensive interest/work in RTI), or
c. RTI activists, or
d. Academics with work/interest in governance and transparency, or
e. Serving or former politicians and civil servants with specific work/expertise in RTI.

8. In addition, they must have a high personal and professional stature in keeping with the profile of the group.

9. Ex-officio additional members can be co-opted for specific periods from among those who are holding positions within or outside the government or within donor/international organisations and could contribute to the work and objectives of the group.

10. Membership will be by invitation and a person would be invited to be a member by the chairpersons, after consultation with members of TAG. Members, once appointed, would continue to be members unless they resign. 

11. Though there will not be a national quota, as far as possible all the countries of South Asia should have at least one representative on TAG.

12. The members would have the right to be kept informed about all matters relating to TAG and all other information relating to transparency in the region and elsewhere, that it is collectively decided to share. 

13. The members would have the obligation to participate in at least some of the activities of TAG during the year.
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