Transparency Dialogues

A Platform for an Ongoing Dialogue on Transparency Related Issues

A key task of the Transparency Advisory Group is to develop and promote cutting-edge thinking on issues related to the right to information, transparency and accountability. An online dialogue platform has been developed to actualise this vision. Utilising the simplicity and immediacy of email, the platform will harness the collective knowledge of members and their larger networks to deepen the transparency debate. Several themes, ranging from the relationship between the judiciary and transparency to challenges of implementation, have been already been identified by members. Informed by thorough, current and comparative research, focused debates will be conducted on each of these themes in the coming months. The outcome of these debates, which may take the form of recommendations and/or specific policy interventions, will be disseminated widely. It is also envisaged that these debates will be published as a single volume at the end of each annual cycle.

 Based on feedback received from members, the following eight themes have been identified, and each will be taken up for discussion separately, over the next few months.

  1. The role and importance of pro-active (suo moto) disclosures in a transparency regime.
  2. Information Communication Technologies and the transparency regime.
  3. The potential of transparency regimes for effecting systemic changes in governance.
  4. Balancing individual privacy concerns against the imperatives of transparent governance.
  5. How far and in what manner should the private “profit seeking” sector be within the scope of transparency regimes?
  6. The role of the judiciary and judicial officers in a transparency regime.
  7. The advantages and dangers in providing access to deliberative and in-process information.
  8. How far and in what manner should people’s groups and movements, and the not-for-profit sector, be within the scope of transparency regimes?                                          

One theme will be taken up each month, and the tentative date for the launch of the first dialogue is 15 March 2013.

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